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  • Kidnapped, banned, arrested and damned. Yet another succesful encounter with faith.

    Kidnapped, banned, arrested and damned. Yet another succesful encounter with faith.

    After my working days in Nasushiobara I rushed south towards Tokyo. The very first night after leaving the hotel I stayed with the same family that picked me hitch-hiking and hosted me for a night two weeks before, cheerful and kind people and with that great deal of honor and cuteness that only Japanese seem … Continue reading "Kidnapped, banned, …
  • The road of bones

    The road of bones

    It’s been almost two weeks since I had started my trip in the North. My trip started in Never, where the Lena Road and the Amur Highway join. Go to the map, find Chita in the main line, go east until you find a road (the only one) going north. There you go, 3000 km … Continue reading "The road …
  • All the things we never said

    All the things we never said

    First night in Turkmenistan, it was a little bit rainy in the capital but I was enough happy to be in this part of the world to think about the problem of getting wet. I went to the train station, I wanted to know if there was any service going in my direction just in … Continue reading "All the …
  • Animals and solitude

    Animals and solitude

    On my trips there has been a recurrent pattern that it’s quite particular. Maybe I’m looking for it or it’s looking for me. It started, I think, on January of 2017 1) First encounter, I was on a chilean beach, just walking on the sand. I heard a weird sound, like a baby crying. Looking … Continue reading "Animals and …
  • The armenian sleds

    The armenian sleds

    Today was a hitch-hiking day, those one that I love because they always end unexpectedly. Today I began on Yerevan, my road was going south, getting closer to Iran. Did not have a clue on where I was going to stop, generally I just decide before the night falls. So, one car with really good … Continue reading "The armenian …
  • My backpack was a sailor

    My backpack was a sailor

    After a few days in the busy and vibrant Milano I set off on my road to the north. It would have been an interesting experience to hitchhike out of that concrete jungle, there are entire blog posts dedicated to the art of escaping for free of this mammoth. While it’s true that I like … Continue reading "My backpack …